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6pm - 8pm



Hallmark Track Club was founded by Newton Braziel in 1987 as a past time for athletes he coached for Hallmark Football and Cheer. At first it was exclusive to family and kids from the football program, but as it grew and became more successful the club attracted more athletes from other football teams and other areas. We participated in Hershey's Track and Field Program, ARCO Jesse Owens Games and TAAF. As we slowly racked up several championships and records our numbers took a jump.

By 1992 we had won our first USATF National Championship in the Midget Boys 4x100 relay. By 1997 we were more than a hundred strong and began to gain more coaches and staff as well as respect from the track community for the level of competition. In 1999 the same team of Midget Boys were now Young Men and ran the fastest time ever recorded in 4x100m relay 39.42. 

Currently we have 15 Relay National Championships, over 60 National Medal Winners and over 300 National Qualifiers. We are now almost 200 strong and competing in every age division boys and girls. On staff we have 15 coaches and 40 USATF Certified Officials. 


8 & Under Girls

Latrivious Bruce

9 & 10 Girls

Twani Wheaton

11 & 12 Girls

Stephanie Butler

13 & 14 Girls

Janee Alexander

15-18 Girls

Lakeisha Davis

Shot Put/Discus

Mark Love

High Jump

Torrence Williams

8 & Under Girls


9 & 10 Girls

Somalia Gibson

11 & 12 Girls

Chevondria Mitchell

13 & 14 Boys

Jerrod Braziel

15-18 Girls

Renee Henry


Devin Love

Triple Jump

Mitch Hobson

8 & Under Boys

Newton Braziel

9 & 10 Boys

Jerome Braziel

11 & 12 Boys

Mario Wesley

13 & 14 Boys

Jeremy Wesley

15-18 Boys

Greg Sholars

Long Jump

Kressie Peoples

Middle Distance

Dominic Fazzarro

8 & Under Boys

Andre Thomas

9 & 10 Boys

Chad Evans

11 & 12 Boys

Monte Clopton


Lashonda Russell


Dana Robinson

Long Jump

Jaynisha Berry

Long Distance