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Track Meet - Gilmer, TX - May 8 (12&Under ONLY)

Updated: May 7, 2021

There has been a change in our track meet plans for May 8. Previously at practice, Coach Braziel mentioned 12 & under would not run this weekend. That has now changed and we are back on to compete in Gilmer, TX.

Please see Coach Braziel's note below.

Saturday instructions:

Meet at the parking lot of CiCi's pizza in Forest Hill at 6am. The bus will leave at 6:30a.

There is not a sign up list. If you are riding the bus, show up on time with your $20 to get on the bus.

Make sure your child eats breakfast before loading the bus.

Don't forget your mask. They must be worn on the bus.

If you are following the bus, please meet us at CiCi's pizza parking lot in Forest Hill.

See schedule for the track meet in Gilmer, TX below

Address: 850 Buffalo St., Gilmer, TX 75644

Helpful Tips:

1. Make sure your child's name is on all bag's, t-shirt and electronics.

2. Pack a snack bag.

3. It maybe cool on the bus. So bring a small blanket or sweats.

*13 & up will compete in Lancaster. See separate post**

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1 Comment

larae byrd
larae byrd
May 07, 2021

What do we do if our child doesn't have a track suit

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