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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Track fees for Hallmark Track Club are $130 for ages 7 and up. $35 for Munchkins which are ages 4-6. (if the athlete is 6, but will turn 7 by December 31, then they are considered 7 and up)

Payments are due in full now. We do have payment installment options. If you choose to pay in installments, full payment is due by April 29 in order to receive a uniform.

We encourage everyone to pay online on our website. You do have the option of paying in person at practice. You can pay with cash or card. (**please note that with any credit card transaction, there is a fee. If you are paying onsite at practice, that fee is passed on to you. If you pay online through the website, the fee is not passed on to you.**)

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